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Kitarrikooli kursused kolisid tagasi lehele
by Admin User - Wednesday, 17 May 2017, 4:24 PM

Vahepeal siin hoiul olnud Kitarrikooli e-kursused on nüüd seal, kus nad alati olnud on - lehel


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You don’t need to have prior knowledge of music or be able to play musical instruments to work with this course, but you will need quite an alert mind and may occasionally have to use other materials to help you. Don’t expect this book to explain everything to the tiniest detail as it is based on a different principle – I want you to reach the important answers by yourself. This book gives you all the tools you need for that. The rest is up to you and your determination. Learning to play a musical instrument can sometimes be tedious work as the result may not be immediately apparent. But you’ll always have the possibility to contact the author of this book and other teachers of The Guitar School via the Internet to ask questions, send your homework for evaluation and – why not? – to give advice.

The course that is divided into eight levels. The first two levels teach you notes and simpler melodies. We’ll get to chords at the 3rd level, and from there on we’ll continue with more complex chords to the end. The acquisition of each level is a great step forward. You learn many practical skills at each level even if you don’t complete the course.